“Meet Me Under the Banyan Tree”…Looking at the body of Christ



A fun talk that the body of Christ in which I use the Banyan tree as my analogy.  I hope you enjoy it.  See if you can catch the mistake in the name of the famous mother cycle jumper that I made. I called him “pastrami” a sandwich meat lol.


Training and conditioning….It’s not just for athletes

I have a friend who for some reason thought she was “Travis Pastrana” and she took her ATV at a high speed up a sand dune. When she reached the top she caught some serious air and was thrown like a rag doll off the back end.  Her story is nothing short of a miracle and in it is a lesson for the body of Christ. 

Let me back up and tell you a little about my friend.  She is a fitness model and National figure competitor.  She has put in intensive training to reach her level of competition.  I can’t help but wonder if it was her training that saved her from an even more very serious injury that day.311494_10150246936772706_477461619_n

That piece of information is very important and with that being said lets get back to her story.  After about an hour after being thrown from her ATV she began to have some convolutions and she was taken to the hospital for an exam.  The Doctor ordered her x-rays of her neck and read them himself instead of waiting for radiology to look at them.  The Doctor explained to her that her injury was just whiplash and that she should get some heating pads and stretch her neck.  She did just what the doctor told her to do.  When she woke up the next morning she still was not feeling good.  In fact she was miserable.  Shortly after waking up my friend got a call from the hospital telling her to come in immediately and not to move much.  Panic started to set in as she heard the hospital staff talking outside her curtained off room? What could be wrong with her, why were they all talking about her?  Just the night before, the Doctor had sent her home with no brace and told her to stretch.  Now she is back at the hospital listening to the staff whispering about her with concern.

As it turns out she had a broken neck.  This time she was sent home in a neck brace and told to see at doctor in her hometown.   It was a very painful 11-hour drive to get home and I can only begin to imagine what was going through her head.   Her neck was broken and she was told to stretch it!!  By the grace of God she is not paralyzed now.

As the weeks of healing passed she told her doctor that she could not take a deep breath.  She had also told this to the doctor at the hospital where she was first seen but they never x-rayed her chest.  Her new doctor ordered x-rays they revealed one more injury.  My friend had been walking around for few weeks with not only a broken neck but a cracked sternum as well.  I was blessed to spend a few days with her at Priest Lake Idaho shortly after she was injured and I was amazed at her take on the whole thing.  She never seemed to let it get her down.  She joked about her neck brace being the perfect accessory to whatever she was wearing and she kept giving thanks to God for protecting her.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.00.28 PMDuring our time at the lake we had some serious talks about our faith and the miracle that she was not paralyzed and surgery would not be needed.  As we talked, I asked her if she thought all of her training and strength conditioning was key in supporting her neck during the ATV ride back to their camp and holding her neck in place while she stretched with the doctors orders? She did feel it was her training and conditioning that gave the muscles the strength and ability to hold her head up despite her broken neck.

The lesson in this hit my Midlife Domestic goddess heart with full force and I want to share it with you.   God’s word tells us that 2 are better than one and when one falls the other can lift them up.  I am paraphrasing that but it is out of Ecclesiastics.  My friend’s body was functioning like the body of Christ is to function when a person (part of the body) is hurting or has fallen in sin.  We (the body) are to rally around them and lift them up.  For that matter carry them until they have the strength to stand on their own.  In order to do this the body of Christ must also be “trained” and “conditioned”.  It is in study, prayer, fellowship and worship that the body trains its self as a whole so that when one of it’s members or “parts of the body” is hurting the other members or “parts of the body” have the strength to hold them up through their time of brokenness and healing.

My dear friend is a miracle as far as I am concerned.  She should not have been able to take the ATV back to camp, take a ride in truck to the hospital, stretch her neck and, take another trip back to the hospital the next day.  It was her will trained and conditioned body that supported her broken neck.

So many have given thanks to God for this miracle in my friend’s life.  She is healing up great and I hope she slows it down the next time she gets on that ATV. As you have read her story I hope you seen the importance of training yourself in God’s truth so that you can help to hold up others who are hurting.  It is an on going process of training yourself in the word and conditioning yourself to have a strong prayer life.   I hope you are making time for God each day so that you are strong, trained and conditioned just like the muscles that were ready to support her neck while she healed.