Prayer and WWJD (What Would Jesus Do), Week 4

Welcome back to our 4th week of prayer and what Jesus has to say about it. Last week we looked at Mark 9. Jesus showed us how we need prayer and that we need to rely on God not on our own strength. Besides reminding us how much we need to rely on God, prayer also recharges us when we are running on empty. Prayers give us hope at the end of our rope.

My husband said this to me about prayer. He said, “Prayer allows you to tie a knot in the end of that rope so that we can keep hanging on”. Prayers give us strength when we are weak, wisdom when we are not sure what to do and, comfort in the hardest times.

In Luke 6:12, Jesus prays the whole night and like Jesus there will be times that our prayers will require long periods of time. My husband and I have a prayer closet and there have been times that we have spent hours contending for things in our little room.

Jesus talks about going into your room and closing the door to pray in Matthew 6:6. Now not everyone has a prayer closet and that is fine. What Jesus is teaching us is that he doesn’t want us to make a public spectacle of ourselves. Standing on a corner praying for all to hear puts the focus on us and not on God. Now I understand that there will be times when you do pray in public. Jesus doesn’t want our prayers to be a “look at me, I am praying for all of you to see” kind of thing.

Also, we can look to Jesus as our example of how much we should pray. Luke 5:16 says “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed”. Notice it says OFTEN. It doesn’t say occasionally. Just like Jesus prayed often so should we.

This week pleases take some time to sit quietly with Jesus. Go to a place where you can close the door and step away from all distraction and all people. Spill your heart to the Lord. God loves you and he hears every prayer. I look forward to one more week with you on the subject of prayer.

Have a “Simply Blessed” day.

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