The Real Housewives of God’s Kingdom, episode 4

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends John 15:13.  To lay down your life for another is the most selfless act there is.  Our next women in our Real Housewives of God’s Kingdom served her our country in the military.  Those who serve in the military are willing to give up their lives for the country they serve.  They miss their children growing up at times, they give up the comfort of their homes and the brave men and women of our military face things that most of us will never really understand.

Our next Real Housewife of God’s Kingdom is Toni. This amazing women served in the Air Force for 24 years.  During her time of service she served mainly in Europe (Italy and England) but she also spent some short periods of time in the middle east (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Oman).  Not only did she serve in the Air Force, Toni was asked to be 1 of 10 people chosen from the Air Force to be a trainer in Navel Intelligence and she worked for the NSA (the national security agency that works hand in had with the FBI and the CIA) Toni has a list of other jobs she did during her time in the service.Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 5.07.47 PM

“My first job was enciphered communications analyst. Basically I was an Russian Analyst and when the cold war ended and was retrained as Operations Resource Manager. I was in charge of pilot training flying and flight pay. I deployed under this job for Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Operation enduring Freedom”.

Toni told me that she did not choose to go in the military.  She had a full ride scholarship to USC to major in journalism but when her mother got sick the money that was put away for her college was used for the care of her mother. Having to give up her college money made Toni angry so she joined the military. I appreciate her honesty.  She told me her love for the military did not happen until 8 years after joining.

“When you deploy and see the devastation of other countries no matter what the American consensus is you realize you are doing the right thing. For others to have freedom”.

All of Toni’s children were born while she was serving.  She had a child born in Naples, one in Washington DC while working for the NSA, another in England and her last was born in Washington state. Moving was hard  for her kids but they were fortunate to see other countries and experience things that other children only got to dream of. Toni says that now two of her children are home bodies and refuse to move. Her third child who is a daughter joined the military because she missed the traveling, stability and sense of duty the army provides.

1058693_10153766929890296_1360305468_nOne of my favorite things about this series is seeing what the favorite scripture or passage is for each of the different women. Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the lord always. I will say it again REJOICE is the favorite scripture of this Real housewife of God’s Kingdom. Toni shared with me that this scripture says it all and she feels that God has taken her, a broken-down woman who felt like her life was completely over and turned her into someone who rejoices in His love daily. She says, “He doesn’t care where or what I have done in the past he still loves me and I am beautiful”.

Toni prays daily for all Christian men and woman to feel the redemption that she rejoices in everyday and her love for others can be seen in the different ministries she is involved in.  She is a active part of Women Strengthening Women which is a bi fold ministry based out of CA serving woman in a outreach program/prison ministries for the families left behind during incarceration. Toni is also working on her own ministry, A Woman’s Heart, which will be registered as a full ministry in late 2014 or early 2015.  This ministry is based redemption and focus on woman’s restoration to God’s intended purpose.

I am thankful for women like Toni who sacrifice so much for the safety of the rest of us.  Please do not forget to be giving thanks for those who serve in our military.  Because of the brave men and women like Toni, we can sleep soundly at night.

Please don’t forget to give thanks for all the brave men and WOMEN who have served our country.  To those who gave there lives so we could be safe, Thank you is not enough.  To see a little history on women in our military watch this video.