The Real Housewives of God’s Kingdom, Episode 1

Our Televisions are flooded with reality shows like Jersey Shores, Mob wives, Dance Mom’s and The Real housewives of one city after another.  I don’t know anyone who truly lives a life like that.  That is not a reality to me or anyone I know. The Networks however try to pass them off as “Reality” and sadly the public feeds off of them.  The women I know live in a way Hollywood and the networks would not see as entertainment worthy. Sadly our lives would be to boring and we wouldn’t have the scandal that sells advertising.

We are the “Real House wives of God’s kingdom”.  We live our lives for God’s glory.  We come in all sizes, colors, and backgrounds.  We may not be what the world sees as true beauty because of its airbrushed false idea of what true beauty is.  In God’s eyes however, we are the true meaning of beautiful. Some of us are stay home moms and some work outside the house.  Some of us are married and some of us are single parents who are balancing the rolls of provider, household duties and all the parenting. We have suffered loss, known heartache and we have dealt with or are dealing with sickness.

Pastors, wives of pastors, writers, students, stay at home moms, and career women are just some of the titles we hold.   Each and every one of us is different but we all have one thing in common, our love for Christ!!  We don’t do what we do for praise and honor from those around us.  Fame is not our goal.  We want to glorify God in what we do.  We don’t care that our lives are not what the world and the networks see as worthy of TV time. We are happy to know that in God’s eyes our lives are pleasing to Him.

It is the women that I know who are living a life for God that have led me to run a series called “The Real housewives of God’s Kingdom”.  The first two women do not know each other, they come from different sides of the world but their love of the Lord and their desire for others to know the Lord makes these two sister’s in Christ.


1479843_10201932757914805_1364877601_nOur first real housewife of God’s kingdom is Shari. She has been married 21 years and has two children. Shari is a stay at home mom and blogger. Besides home schooling both of her children, she has worked with the homeless for 11 years (Salvation Army and St. Margaret’s Shelter).  Case management for homeless clients and teaching life skills are just two of the things she has done. She has also helped people reach independence, find jobs, and keep stable housing.  God has also used Shari and her heart to serve in the children’s department at her church.  As I stated earlier, some of us have been faced with sickness. Shari has stage IV breast cancer and she holds on to her favorite verse in Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Her faith and her journey as she has faced the cancer is truly a beautiful testimony. To see more of Shari’s story and her heart for God go to   “Shari A. Miller ~ Living to Leave a Legacy”.

Almaz came to the United States from Ethiopia when she was 25 years old.  She has been married 21 years and 8239_674382255917055_933720858_nhas 2 children.  Almaz shared that she has felt God’s hand on her because she can look back and see that He saved her 3 times from life threatening situations.  Almaz prays daily for her Muslim family in Ethiopia that they will come to know the Lord and she is a women who posses the true servants heart. I have had the joy of watching her in her restaurant as she waits on each customer.  With each interaction she is truly the hands and feet of Christ.  In 2012 my husband was blessed to go to Ethiopia and meet her family.  Almaz had my husband and two other men loaded up with things to take to her family so that she could bless them.  The guys got to have a meal with her family and it is something I know my husband will never forget. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works: that I know very well.  Psalms 139:4 is her favorite verse and I know that she will never stop praying until each member of her family knows that they too are fearfully and wonderfully made also.  There is so much to write about Almaz and the amazing things God has done in her life but I must keep this short.  I do know however that God hears her prayers for her family and he sees how see serves so many.

Two women from different back grounds who without even knowing one another can call themselves sisters in Christ.  They may not have the network worthy lives, but what they do have is far greater.  They live their lives for God and I believe he must be very pleased with what he sees.

Until next time on the “Real housewives of God’s Kingdom”