Empower Youth and Make a Dent in Hunger

Hunger Insecurity is the limited access to adequate food and it is huge issue in the United States. In my city there are over 70,000 people who are faced with food insecurity. Being able to go to my fridge or pantry and find something to eat is something I never want to take for granted.

I belive we can all create change and that is why I have teamed up with Generation Alive a non-profit program that empowers youth and helps to fight hunger. Generation Alive works with nearly 20,000 youth each year.  GA teaches them compassion and that when they see a need they should try do something to fix the need. Another aspect of Generation Alive is their passion to make a dent in hunger. Each year the nearly 20,000 youth they work with, pack meals that are distributed to food banks. Youth are learning there are many in their community who have food insecurity (the need) and that they can do something to meet the need (raising funds and packing meals)

Recently I took part in two different meal packing evenings. We packed 10,000 meals that were sent to Texas after hurricane Harvey and we packed another 4000 meals that were sent to Second Harvest.  You can be a part of creating change by ordering a copy of my book Simply Blessed on Amazon before December 31,2017. For every preordered book on amazon $1 will be donated to Generation Alive and will cover the cost of 4 meal servings. To learn more about Generation Alive watch this video and you can visit them at Generation Alive

Order Simply Blessed at Amazon  and help create change.


Kim Chaffin