Be Still

By Cassie of Cassie’s Corner.

CassiesCornerButtonTonight while putting the kids to bed I was singing along with their instrumental hymns Pandora station. The song was Amazing Grace. Ezekiel crawled out of bed and onto my lap. He was crying, he just laid there and wept like a baby when they are over tired and just need sleep. I continued to sing and he calmed down. I asked if he was ok and he replied that he just needed me to hold him. How precious is a child’s love for their parents. This simple gesture by my son made me think of our Father, God. He showed us amazing grace by sending his son to live among us and die on a cross for our sins. He yearns for us to crawl up on his lap and weep and just be held. Praying Psalm 91 over the kids tonight  for their protection and acknowledgment that God is their refuge and strength.  I realize my need to just be held….”Be still and know that I am God…” Thank you Lord for using my children to show me to slow down and acknowledge your strength in my life

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