Mom’s Day Out

Just recently I had a chance to go and see “Mom’s night out” with a woman from my church named Brittni.  I am old enough to be her mom and she has pointed that out more than once.  In February Brittni was married and I was honored to be included in her wedding celebration in a very special way. She had her mom by her side but she included myself and her mom’s friend as her extra two mom’s that day.

I try to meet up with Brittni once a week as my crazy schedule allows. She has been very sick for the last few weeks.  Her sickness comes just about every morning which means that just before Christmas Brittni is going to get the best gift she could ever ask for.  I wanted to get her out of her apartment for a bit.  On a whim I called and asked if she wanted to see a movie.

When we got to the theater we loaded up on popcorn and headed to our seats with non-stop chitchat. I had heard lots of women say it was a good movie but I still was not sure what to expect.  As they say in the movie Jerry McGuire, “you had me at hello”.  Being a blog writer myself the opening of the movie had me hooked immediately.

I don’t know how many times I have struggled with “do I really have something to say that anyone would want to read?”  During the opening scene when she was in front of her computer, it was like watching myself. Okay, maybe not really myself…. I have short hair, more wrinkles and I am a little thinker around the middle but; what she was going through in her mind was like watching my life was on film.  I found myself trying to push lump back down into my throat as I fought the tears because the reason she gave for writing her blog lined up perfectly with why I write my blog.  I turned to my friend Brittni and said,  “It is like they took the ‘My Heart’ section of my blog that tells why I write and used it for the movie”.

As the movie unfolded on the big screen and we laughed something happened to me.  I realized that I was in a new season of my life.  All of a sudden those nights when I was so tired and wanted nothing more than a night out, had now become something I longed to have back again.  In a blink of an eye, I had become an empty nester. What seemed so overwhelming at times when I was young mom was now something I found myself grieving about because, it was no more.  Isn’t it funny how we don’t realize how much we love something until it is gone?

I am a mom to the very core of my heart and I sat there with tears running down my checks more than once in those 2 hours we sat in the theater.  From the amazing words that were spoken by Trace Atkins in the jail scene, to the moment that Sondra, played by Patricia Heaton had a “come clean moment” with her daughter Zoe, played by Sammi Hanratty.  I found myself looking back at my life as a mom.  I have been there in those “come clean moments” in my 21 years as mom.  To me honest I have to say that some of my “Mom Moments” were good and some were not the kinds of moments I would have wanted flashed across the big screen.

When the movie came to a close I sat there thinking, the chapter of my life as a young mom is over but soon Brittni would be holding the baby that she was blessed her to be carrying. In that moment the teaching in Titus 2 about the older women guiding the younger women became clear to me and I knew that God had taken me to my next season in life. Sitting next to me was a young women who had told me that I was not just her friend but like extra mom figure she could come to. God was showing me that He is not done with me as mom. He still wants me to continue to guide my 19 and 21-year-old but, He also wants me to take what I have learned and walk out life with the younger ladies in my church. As I reached over and patted Brittni’s leg like a mom would do, she looked at me and said with teary eyes, “I am going to be a mom”.  Sitting there with butter on my fingers and a few pieces of stray popcorn in my lap I thanked God for this new season in my life. I thanked Him for the special gift of motherhood and I knew I was not to give up on my writing.  Even if only one person needs to hear something God has put on my heart than I have done His work and shared His love in my words.

“Mom’s night out” made for the best “mom’s day out”.  It did not matter the difference in our years, Brittni and I found our common ground in one of the greatest gifts ever, motherhood.  If you are an older mom like me I want to encourage you to take younger mom to see the movie with you.  Treat her to some popcorn and a word of encouragement that she has got this.

Take a peak at the trailer, I think you will like the movie.



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