Child of the most high God.

By Cassie’s Corner


I am a Daughter…..

What is a daughter? A daughter is defined as a female child or person in relation to her parents. A female IMG_6332descendent, a person related as if by the ties binding daughter to parent. What is a son? A son is defined as a male child or person in relation to his parents. A male descendant, a male child or person adopted as a son, a person in legal position as a son. I was born a daughter to my mother and father, a granddaughter to my parentsʼ parents, and a sister. I was born to be a daughter.

To be a daughter has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. Growing up I was doted on by both my Mother and Father, my grandparents were amazing and I was loved. I made life choices based on how I was nurtured at home and the interactions between my parents and their parents. I was raised by a single mother, with one older sister in our house. We saw our father on the weekends and would spend time with our ʻstep- sisterʼ, ʻhalf-brotherʼ, ʻhalf-sisterʼ, everyone labeled us a ʻblended familyʼ and wanted to separate us based off who our parents were. This never changed how we saw ourselves, we were four sisters and one brother and loved each other regardless of what our blood work showed.

We were family, a family that was created specifically for a purpose; a purpose that was unknown but always being sought after. We shared everything and did all of lifeʼs events together with our different parents coming together for a common purpose; US. I treasured those times and still do. Our parents still come together, now for their grandchildren. My family growing up is like the Kingdom family, I am now part of.

As a young girl I chose to be a daughter of the Most High God. John 1:12-13(NIV) states, “Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husbandʼs will, but born of God.” I was so excited to be Godʼs daughter, I wanted more with each Sunday that I attended church, I wanted Jesus to live in my heart.

I have lived a life being part of a truly ʻBlended Familyʼ, I have biological parents, spiritual parents, grandparents and numerous brothers and sisters in Christ. I am surrounded by love and acceptance from both. God created earthly families to be unique and special. He created us each as a daughter or a son for a purpose, to live together for a common goal; love one another and share His love, bringing others into our ʻUniquely Blended Familyʼ.

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