The Real Housewives of God’s Kingdom, Episode 2

Welcome back to The Real Housewives of God’s Kingdom.  As I said in Episode 1 I have done this series to show that what we see in the reality shows like, The Real Housewives of this city or that city, is not a reality to most women.  I am writing this series to show that there is a whole different reality in the everyday lives of women in this country and it is not at all like what the TV shows portray.  We are the Real Housewives of God’s Kingdom. Fame is not our goal.  We want to glorify God in what we do.  We don’t care that our lives are not what the world and the networks see as worthy of TV time.

 “Two are better than one”

One of the greatest gifts God gives us is the gift of friendship.  If you are blessed to have one friend you are truly blessed!!!

Two are better than one, because when they have good return for their labor: if either of them falls down, one can help the other up. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Both myself and my writing buddy Cassie of Cassie’s Corner are blessed to have good friends in our lives who can pick us up when we fall down. The laugh both with us and at us! They are there to be the arms of Christ when we need a hug and the voice of God when we need wisdom.

Krista is one of the best friends I have ever had.  She is a mother of 2, a wive of 19 years and one 72478_1613587227044_78921_nof the busiest sports moms I know. I met her when our girls were in Kindergarten and the first thing I saw in her was her servant’s heart.  She is also one of those people who always finds the positive in a bad situation. God has used her not only in the school where she has given countless hours of service but  she has also served in Children’s Ministry, The Food Bank, College Group, Youth Group, women’s bible study, and other outreaches. I asked her what her favorite scripture was she told me it was Philippians 4:6  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. It is that scripture that has carried Krista through some painful things one of those things is her health. Krista has both Factor V Leiden and Sjogren’s Syndrome.  Her body hurts and she never complains. She has been a rock in my life and thank God for her.

 255204_4465771452775_1756098272_n2 Tim 2:22 Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart is favorite scripture of your next real housewife of God’s kingdom.  Nina (on the right) is a young mom of a sweet little boy who also has a heart for the Lord.  She has been married for 6 years and she has been the inspiration behind one of my other blog posts. Nina currently runs the children program at her church (one of the most important ministries there is). She is also a student and a stay at home mom. In her 20’s she served as a high school youth leader and God has also taken her on mission trips to Mexico.  Nina has a very sweet spirit and a great sense of humor which makes her a very fun woman to be around.

She can often be found with her friend Cassie of “Cassie’s Corner” who I am honored to have as a writer on my page.   They are two of the feistiest women of the Lord I know and I love this picture of them.  The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is so true. The two of them share a very special friendship and they are very powerful set of prayer warriors. Cassie blesses those who read my blog with a post each month. If you want to see some of Cassie’s wisdom go to  “Cassie’s Corner”.

I hope you give thanks for your friends, laugh with them until you cry, pray for them, listen to them, and never be afraid to tell them you need prayer yourself.

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow. – William Shakespeare

Proverbs 27:17, As iron sharpens iron, so one man (woman) sharpens another.
A knife can not sharpen it’s self.  It takes iron to sharpen iron and a good friend can help you to be stronger and happier. Wisdom shared from one friend to another is much like the iron sharpening iron


Take a moment today and thank God for the women He has put in your life.  The women who have seen you at your worst and love you like they have only seen you at your best.  God has given us friendship so that we can hold each other up, so that we have someone to share our joys with and arms to hold us during our pain.

Be sure to tune in next week for another episode of the Real housewives of God’s Kingdom: “I will go where you send me” about 3 friends who were willing to move to new cities to plant 3 different churches.

To learn more about Cassie and I just click here: about us    Blessings:)


The Real Housewives of God’s Kingdom, Episode 1

Our Televisions are flooded with reality shows like Jersey Shores, Mob wives, Dance Mom’s and The Real housewives of one city after another.  I don’t know anyone who truly lives a life like that.  That is not a reality to me or anyone I know. The Networks however try to pass them off as “Reality” and sadly the public feeds off of them.  The women I know live in a way Hollywood and the networks would not see as entertainment worthy. Sadly our lives would be to boring and we wouldn’t have the scandal that sells advertising.

We are the “Real House wives of God’s kingdom”.  We live our lives for God’s glory.  We come in all sizes, colors, and backgrounds.  We may not be what the world sees as true beauty because of its airbrushed false idea of what true beauty is.  In God’s eyes however, we are the true meaning of beautiful. Some of us are stay home moms and some work outside the house.  Some of us are married and some of us are single parents who are balancing the rolls of provider, household duties and all the parenting. We have suffered loss, known heartache and we have dealt with or are dealing with sickness.

Pastors, wives of pastors, writers, students, stay at home moms, and career women are just some of the titles we hold.   Each and every one of us is different but we all have one thing in common, our love for Christ!!  We don’t do what we do for praise and honor from those around us.  Fame is not our goal.  We want to glorify God in what we do.  We don’t care that our lives are not what the world and the networks see as worthy of TV time. We are happy to know that in God’s eyes our lives are pleasing to Him.

It is the women that I know who are living a life for God that have led me to run a series called “The Real housewives of God’s Kingdom”.  The first two women do not know each other, they come from different sides of the world but their love of the Lord and their desire for others to know the Lord makes these two sister’s in Christ.


1479843_10201932757914805_1364877601_nOur first real housewife of God’s kingdom is Shari. She has been married 21 years and has two children. Shari is a stay at home mom and blogger. Besides home schooling both of her children, she has worked with the homeless for 11 years (Salvation Army and St. Margaret’s Shelter).  Case management for homeless clients and teaching life skills are just two of the things she has done. She has also helped people reach independence, find jobs, and keep stable housing.  God has also used Shari and her heart to serve in the children’s department at her church.  As I stated earlier, some of us have been faced with sickness. Shari has stage IV breast cancer and she holds on to her favorite verse in Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Her faith and her journey as she has faced the cancer is truly a beautiful testimony. To see more of Shari’s story and her heart for God go to   “Shari A. Miller ~ Living to Leave a Legacy”.

Almaz came to the United States from Ethiopia when she was 25 years old.  She has been married 21 years and 8239_674382255917055_933720858_nhas 2 children.  Almaz shared that she has felt God’s hand on her because she can look back and see that He saved her 3 times from life threatening situations.  Almaz prays daily for her Muslim family in Ethiopia that they will come to know the Lord and she is a women who posses the true servants heart. I have had the joy of watching her in her restaurant as she waits on each customer.  With each interaction she is truly the hands and feet of Christ.  In 2012 my husband was blessed to go to Ethiopia and meet her family.  Almaz had my husband and two other men loaded up with things to take to her family so that she could bless them.  The guys got to have a meal with her family and it is something I know my husband will never forget. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works: that I know very well.  Psalms 139:4 is her favorite verse and I know that she will never stop praying until each member of her family knows that they too are fearfully and wonderfully made also.  There is so much to write about Almaz and the amazing things God has done in her life but I must keep this short.  I do know however that God hears her prayers for her family and he sees how see serves so many.

Two women from different back grounds who without even knowing one another can call themselves sisters in Christ.  They may not have the network worthy lives, but what they do have is far greater.  They live their lives for God and I believe he must be very pleased with what he sees.

Until next time on the “Real housewives of God’s Kingdom”




Three Gifts

 By Cassie’s Corner


Yesterday, my husband and our family decorated for Christmas; the tree, the lights, the garland, and all the trimmings. Our children loved the way the house looked and have not stopped talking about how beautiful the tree is in front of our large living room window. My son, who is 3, walked out of his bedroom just before bed and exclaimed, “Mommy, thatʼs the most wonderful tree Ever!” I loved his enthusiasm and excitement. My daughter, who is 7, agreeing with her brother that the tree was beautiful, reminded him that Christmas wasnʼt about the tree or Santa Claus. She proclaimed, “Christmas, is Jesusʼ Birthday!” Then, as they stood together looking at the tree, I heard them say in unison, the most amazing statement, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” They giggled, then laughed, leading them to pure joy in telling Jesus, Happy Birthday.

Christmas TreeOur simple five foot artificial Christmas tree brought true bliss to my children, without a present underneath it. So often, we as parents think, the more we put under our tree, the more excited our children will be with their “Christmas Morning” discoveries. A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook, how her family does Christmas; three presents for each child. She wrote, “Jesus only got 3 gifts and he survived, Iʼm sure my kids will too.” I loved everything about this statement, then, yesterday as I watched and listened to my children regarding the celebration of Jesusʼ birthday; my husband and I made a decision, this would be our tradition too.

Matthew 2:10-11 states, “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy. And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshipped Him. And when they had opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” (NKJV)

Jesus is the reason for this Christmas season and for every season of life. Regardless, of our ability to put one or three or a dozen presents under the Christmas tree; Jesus only received three presents and he was blessed. This year, I encourage every person who reads this to remember three precious, treasured gifts, that God has given them and pass the same along to those whom they hold dearest.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!


Training and conditioning….It’s not just for athletes

I have a friend who for some reason thought she was “Travis Pastrana” and she took her ATV at a high speed up a sand dune. When she reached the top she caught some serious air and was thrown like a rag doll off the back end.  Her story is nothing short of a miracle and in it is a lesson for the body of Christ. 

Let me back up and tell you a little about my friend.  She is a fitness model and National figure competitor.  She has put in intensive training to reach her level of competition.  I can’t help but wonder if it was her training that saved her from an even more very serious injury that day.311494_10150246936772706_477461619_n

That piece of information is very important and with that being said lets get back to her story.  After about an hour after being thrown from her ATV she began to have some convolutions and she was taken to the hospital for an exam.  The Doctor ordered her x-rays of her neck and read them himself instead of waiting for radiology to look at them.  The Doctor explained to her that her injury was just whiplash and that she should get some heating pads and stretch her neck.  She did just what the doctor told her to do.  When she woke up the next morning she still was not feeling good.  In fact she was miserable.  Shortly after waking up my friend got a call from the hospital telling her to come in immediately and not to move much.  Panic started to set in as she heard the hospital staff talking outside her curtained off room? What could be wrong with her, why were they all talking about her?  Just the night before, the Doctor had sent her home with no brace and told her to stretch.  Now she is back at the hospital listening to the staff whispering about her with concern.

As it turns out she had a broken neck.  This time she was sent home in a neck brace and told to see at doctor in her hometown.   It was a very painful 11-hour drive to get home and I can only begin to imagine what was going through her head.   Her neck was broken and she was told to stretch it!!  By the grace of God she is not paralyzed now.

As the weeks of healing passed she told her doctor that she could not take a deep breath.  She had also told this to the doctor at the hospital where she was first seen but they never x-rayed her chest.  Her new doctor ordered x-rays they revealed one more injury.  My friend had been walking around for few weeks with not only a broken neck but a cracked sternum as well.  I was blessed to spend a few days with her at Priest Lake Idaho shortly after she was injured and I was amazed at her take on the whole thing.  She never seemed to let it get her down.  She joked about her neck brace being the perfect accessory to whatever she was wearing and she kept giving thanks to God for protecting her.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.00.28 PMDuring our time at the lake we had some serious talks about our faith and the miracle that she was not paralyzed and surgery would not be needed.  As we talked, I asked her if she thought all of her training and strength conditioning was key in supporting her neck during the ATV ride back to their camp and holding her neck in place while she stretched with the doctors orders? She did feel it was her training and conditioning that gave the muscles the strength and ability to hold her head up despite her broken neck.

The lesson in this hit my Midlife Domestic goddess heart with full force and I want to share it with you.   God’s word tells us that 2 are better than one and when one falls the other can lift them up.  I am paraphrasing that but it is out of Ecclesiastics.  My friend’s body was functioning like the body of Christ is to function when a person (part of the body) is hurting or has fallen in sin.  We (the body) are to rally around them and lift them up.  For that matter carry them until they have the strength to stand on their own.  In order to do this the body of Christ must also be “trained” and “conditioned”.  It is in study, prayer, fellowship and worship that the body trains its self as a whole so that when one of it’s members or “parts of the body” is hurting the other members or “parts of the body” have the strength to hold them up through their time of brokenness and healing.

My dear friend is a miracle as far as I am concerned.  She should not have been able to take the ATV back to camp, take a ride in truck to the hospital, stretch her neck and, take another trip back to the hospital the next day.  It was her will trained and conditioned body that supported her broken neck.

So many have given thanks to God for this miracle in my friend’s life.  She is healing up great and I hope she slows it down the next time she gets on that ATV. As you have read her story I hope you seen the importance of training yourself in God’s truth so that you can help to hold up others who are hurting.  It is an on going process of training yourself in the word and conditioning yourself to have a strong prayer life.   I hope you are making time for God each day so that you are strong, trained and conditioned just like the muscles that were ready to support her neck while she healed.



How to bake a cake

Guest Post by Taler Stanton (Each Day a New Adventure)

Let’s have some real talk. Girl talk. Real girl talk.

Wednesday nights are one of my favorite nights of the week. I attend a bible study with girls from on and off campus, along with an awesome woman of God, Shannon. We spend our nights being filled up with the Bible, being challenged in our faith and growing together as women of God.

In a random conversation with the ladies, my lovely friend Heather decided to share an analogy about dating and finding the right guy with us. Let’s call it, The Cake Theory. I decided to elaborate on this subject.


Becoming a woman of God is a journey in itself, and for us girls we always wonder when we are going to be ready for Christ centered relationship? In order for us to be ready there are a few things we need to have in line first, just like baking a cake.

Having the right ingredients is the first step in the baking process and relates to us as women growing in Him. We each have qualities that we wish we could or hide or get rid of; on the contrary we also possess qualities and attributes that are strong, the ones that make our personalities distinct. In order for our ingredients to be correct, we need to ask the Lord to first search our hearts and reveal the things that we need to work on. No one is ever finished growing, but I whole-heartedly believe that there are certain qualities every woman should posses before entering into a Christ centered relationship. As we learn these qualities, there comes a point when the “ingredients” if you will, are at the right measurements.

Mixing the Batter:IMG_0929

To make a cake, all the ingredients must be combined to make a yummy batter. Just like batter, once we have worked on finding our identity in Christ we can begin to grow in our relationship with the Lord. Jesus gives us a fruitful spirits: love, joy, patience etc. Of course with anything it is going to be a continuous learning process. But the Holy Spirit helps us with the perfect ingredients. Let the Holy Spirit continue to mix in the perfect amount for your life.

Put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.  -Ephesians 4:22-24

Oven Time:

Putting the batter in the oven is one of the most exciting parts of the cake process. As the batter is in the oven, all of the separate ingredients that were mixed together, bake and form into one structure. It rises and becomes more firm. Just like a cake, our relationship with Christ is a constant uphill battle, but as we seek and know Him we will continue to be more firm in our faith. The awesome thing about a relationship with Jesus is there is always room for growth. As we grow in Him, different pieces of our personality and spirit develop and grow into something really beautiful.


When the cake is done baking, it needs time to set. We describe this as the waiting process. Although our cake is done, it needs to time to cool. This part is also the most difficult because it takes the most patience, and let’s be honest: patience for a girl is often very difficult especially when it comes to finding prince charming. But with patience comes perseverance and with perseverance comes blessings.

My mom continues to encourage me by telling me that I will be glad that I waited for the right guy to come along. I have been learning that it is important to take this “cooling time” and spend it with Jesus. As I wait, I have started to understand that Jesus first captivated my heart and is waiting for the perfect time to give you a respectful and Godly man that his precious daughter deserves.

Frosting the cake.IMG950230

There are many different flavors or types of frosting out there and we develop certain once that we prefer over others. This concept is the same when it comes to finding a Godly man. He should first and foremost love Jesus with all his heart and be the spiritual leader of the relationship. Only then will he be the best frosting for the cake. Once the cake is complete and the right frosting comes along you will have a beautiful Christ centered cake that lasts a lifetime!

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here!”

Special thank you to Sweet Frostings Blissful Bake Shop for the photos

To see more of Taler’s beautiful writing go to Each Day a New Adventure