Life is too short not to laugh at yourself

When God was handing out brains sometimes I think I must have heard trains and I missed mine. I have had some very stupid moments in my life and my Grandpa used to say you can’t be smart and beautiful on the same day. The other day I had a moment when I must have been the most beautiful woman in the world.

I am sharing this because I have learned to laugh at myself and I when we take ourselves to seriously we miss out on so much joy.

Let me set the scene…our last child has just left for college and now we have an open spot in the garage to park my husband’s mid-life crisis. He asks me if I can come and help him move stuff in the shed so he can pull his car to the garage. Being the good wife I am I headed straight out to help. My husband pulled the car over to the garage and just before he pulled in he unrolled the window and said, “Can you tell me if my BRAKE LIGHTS are working”? Again, being the good wife I am I say, “yes”. Now here is where I make a total fool out of myself. He asked me to look at his brake lights and I say, “okay step on the left one”. My husband says, “I am asking you to tell me if the brakes work”. I think he thought I was looking at the blinkers because I said something about the left one. He steps on the brakes and says, “are they working? I say, “the left one is, now step on the right one”.
My husband at this point gets out of the car and stares at me like I have no brain in my head. I then tell him that not all the lights on the right side are on could he please step on the right brake again so I can see. Very calmly my husband says, “Kim there is not a left or a right brake. There is just one brake pedal”.

Keeping a straight face he says to me you get in the car and push on the brake and let me look. I have completely lost it at this point. I am laughing hysterically when I realize what I have said and climb into the car. It is a manual transmission and I cannot believe I am going to admit this because I already am looking like I have no brain. I never told my husband this next embarrassing thing but now the truth to just how confused I was is going to come out. There were 3 pedals and I was laughing so hard I was not sure which one was the brake, so I stepped on all 3! For those 2 or 3 seconds I really had no clue which one was the brake.

Someone should have signed me up for a photo shoot because I must have been drop dead beautiful if what my grandfather used to say was true. I have been laughing at myself ever since then and thought I should give you a laugh too. Life is short, God is sweet, laughter is so healthy and this midlife domestic goddess is happy to laugh at herself. I hope you find humor in your life. I hope you laugh until you cry. God gave us laughter for a purpose so don’t ever forget to let your laughter flow.

For those of you who know me personally…. my brain is firing on all cylinders for now so you are safe to be on the streets when I am driving.



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