Jesus is the Zamboni of my life

Jesus is the Zamboni of my life. Bet you think I have lost it now? A Zamboni is an ice refresher. Jesus is my life refresher.

“Mr. Zamboni man” drives over the ice laying down a fresh coat of water that covers all the marks the ice has taken from the skates. Jesus by laying down his life for me (and you) covers all the marks of our sin with living water and the blood he freely shed so we could start fresh like the ice after a Zamboni treatment.

If you have ever got to put the first marks in the ice when the Zamboni is done you know it how cool it is to feel that perfect ice and know you can choose where to put the marks by the course you choose to take. We are the same. Once we have been made new by Christ, we have fresh slate to start with and we can choose what kind of marks we want to leave behind us.

Choose your course wisely. Be sure you are putting the “right” marks on your newly refreshed life in Christ. When the day comes for you to leave the “ice rink of life” will you be able to look back and be proud of what you see?



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